FS2 Art Class Update – T1W3

This week, the FS2 friends had so much fun exploring art!

They got to play with something called ‘pastels,’ which are very soft and like colorful crayons. With these pastels, they made beautiful heart patterns that looked really special.

But that’s not all! They also looked at the amazing art made by a famous artist named Kandinsky. He liked to use dots, lines, and shapes to make his art look cool. The FS2 artists, they used dots, lines, and shapes to make their very own artworks, just like Kandinsky did.

And here’s something super cool: while they were working on their art, they listened to music by a composer named Tchaikovsky. Just like Kandinsky, FS2 kids painted their feelings using colors that matched the music’s rhythm. So, if the music was fast, they used bright colors, and if it was slow, they used calm colors. It was like a dance of colors and emotions!

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