HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 3

Creativity Gives Us Wings

Today the students were given a butterfly to decorate at home.

We are making a school group art project expressing our creativity

Your Task

Decorate your butterfly in the most creative way you can.

Maybe you could…

  • Choose a style like Elmer the Elephant or Matisse
  • Choose a theme like your favourite football team, band or movie character
  • Use different mediums such as paint, cut and stick paper or pen and ink

Please return your butterfly to school by Friday 22nd September

PTA and Kindness Club Thrift Market

Changing After-School Arrangements

Please help us keep our students safe by making sure to call or email the Admin Office if your child is going to change their arrangements for the bus or being picked up after school.

It is not enough to send a verbal message with the student. We have had a couple of occasions this week where the message we were being told by a student was not correct when we checked with the parents.

Thank you.

Joint Lunch Time

Starting next week (Week 4) all students will eat together at 12.30 pm. This means lunch will be 30 minutes later for students in Ms. McClellan’s and Mrs. Sim’s classes.

We have done this to provide more opportunities for all students to interact with each other and to simplify our timetables.


Please remember that students are issued with a pair of headphones to use with their laptop or tablet at school. We do our best to keep headphones working but they are easily broken if the students do not handle them carefully.

School policy is that if headphones need replacing the cost should be paid by the student.

New Uniform

This week some staff and students received their new uniform, featuring the new school logo.

Uniform is available to order from the Admin Office.

Renovation Update

Work at the new school is continuing on schedule. We are also in the process of finalising a large order for new furniture and resources to fit out our new home. The Winter Holiday and the start of Term 2 are going to be a very exciting time at HFS!

International Children’s Festival

Students from HFS will be performing at the International Children’s Festival in October.

To prepare for this event we are trying to learn a song in Korean and a song in English. If you could help at home that would be great.

Chuseok Celebrations

All parents are invited to join us for a Chusoek Celebration on Tuesday 26th September at 1.30 p.m. on the Astroturf field. There will be dancing, music and food.

All student are encouraged to wear either Hanbok or their national dress on this day. If you don’t want to do either, that is also ok.

Upcoming Dates

  • Week 5 – Tuesday 26th September – 1.30 pm – Chuseok Celebration – Parents are invited to join us at school for a Chuseok Celebration on the Astroturf featuring dancing, traditional costumes and food
  • Week 5 – Tuesday 26th September 6 pm – School Consultative Group Meeting
  • Week 5-6 – Thursday 28th September to Tuesday 3rd October – Chuseok Holiday
  • Week 7 – Wednesday 11th October pm – PTA Kindness Thrift Market – Further details to follow
  • Week 8 – Friday 20th OctoberInternational Children’s Festival – HFS Students will be performing at this event and parents will be invited to attend
  • Week 8 – Friday 27th OctoberPTA Halloween Party – Further. details to follow

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