Mr Dunn’s Class Update T1W3

Hello parents!

Wow! Another week down, lots of new learning took place, the children discovered and explored lots, worked well and collaborated together on a number of new projects.

Here is a summary of what we covered in class this week:


  • We delved into prepositional phrases, helping students understand how to provide more detailed descriptions in their writing.
  • We explored synonyms and powerful adjectives, emphasizing the importance of using descriptive language to make their writing more engaging. The children sorted synonyms into groups and used thesaurus.
  • Students had a creative writing exercise where they described a monster, applying the concepts they learned.
  • We discussed the use of pronouns to avoid repetition, enhancing their writing by using words like “he,” “she,” “it,” “they,” etc., instead of repeating nouns.


  • In Year 4, we focused on rounding 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000, honing their number sense skills.
  • For Year 3 students, we concentrated on reading and writing numbers, reinforcing their understanding of place value.
  • Additionally, we introduced counting in 4s and 8s, helping students build their multiplication skills.

IPC (International Primary Curriculum) Lessons:

  • During our IPC lessons, students engaged in activities related to conflict resolution. They learned effective strategies, created scripts, and role-played scenarios to practice resolving conflicts peacefully.
  • Students completed their regulating emotions poster, continuing their journey towards emotional intelligence and self-regulation.
  • We also discussed the importance of healthy eating and learning, the students conducted their own research and made a presentation about what they found out.

PE Lessons:

  • Teamwork with Jump Ropes: Children worked in pairs, using jump ropes to transport hoops. This game encouraged cooperation, coordination, and communication.
  • Hula Hoop Relay Race: We had a thrilling hula hoop relay race, where students showcased their speed and agility while passing hula hoops to their teammates.

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