Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T1W3

Hello again everyone!

Another week has flown by, and here is a quick rundown of what we have been doing this week.

InCas: Students took their start-of-term InCas tests in English and Maths. We took one test each day, and it went very smoothly. Everyone concentrated extremely well and did their best.

In Maths, we worked on using compasses to draw circles accurately and understanding the relationship between the radius and diameter. Handling compasses proved to be more difficult than anticipated, but with some resilience, everyone was using them proficiently to produce some intricate mandalas!

In English, we worked on writing blogs, imagining we were astronauts on the ISS. Students worked on using informal language and adverbial phrases to really bring their blogs to life. Here are some examples and I will post some more next week when more have been completed.

In IPC, we are coming to the conclusion of our first unit on the brain. We are starting to prepare the Exit Point, where students will work in groups to produce some videos on what they have learned over the course of the unit. They have already started collecting ideas, and I am looking forward to seeing their completed projects.

Students also enjoyed their trip to the Arts Centre to see the Henri Matisse exhibition. It was a great opportunity to have that on our doorstep.

It has definitely been another productive week, and next week is going to involve a lot of teamwork as students work together and get creative with their Exit Points.

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll leave you with a few extra photographs from the week.

Mr Morgan

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