Upper School Arrangements for 2024/25

Dear parents of students joining Mrs. Leah’s class in the upper school in 2024/25.

This is Mr. Green writing to inform you of the arrangements the school is making for the following academic year. As you may be aware, the Year 789 class for 2024/25 will be the largest the school has enjoyed in a number of years, and this has led to valid questions regarding how the school can best provide a high quality of education to such a group.

Class Teacher

Mrs. Leah will continue as the class teacher for Year 789. This will be her second year with this age group, and she has established strong relationships with the students who will be returning, as well as a good understanding of the curriculum and expectations for the upper school. Mrs. Leah is an excellent fit for the oldest students in our school and thrives working with this age range.


In order to better provide for the range of abilities, Mr Green will be joining Mrs Leah to teach maths on a daily basis. Mr Green will teach maths to the Year 8 and 9 students and Mrs. Leah will teach maths to the Year 7 students. These will be separate classes held in separate classrooms and will create an effective class size of around 10 students.


Mrs. Leah will be joined by Ms. Tanisha for English lessons on a daily basis. Ms Tanisha has been working at the school this year as an EAL teacher, and we have employed her on a full-time basis for next year. Ms. Tanisha is well-known to the students and will be able to provide excellent support to differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of all students. As well as daily English lessons, a significant amount of Ms. Tanisha’s timetable will be assigned to the upper school for general in-class support.


The school has been examining how we assess students progress and report to parents, and has decided to make some improvements. Students will no longer sit externally marked Cambridge exams in Year 9. These exams were not providing good value for money, and the cost savings can be used to provide better teaching and learning resources for all students. Instead of Cambridge exams, students in the Upper School will take internally marked assessments in maths and English once per term, which will be reported to parents. All assessments are linked to the curricula the school follows and marked against externally set standards. These assessments will provide parents with a better understanding of the progress students are making, as well as provide evidence of attainment for students leaving the school.

Upper school students will also continue to take Cambridge InCAS assessments, which the school uses internally to track progress and identify trends.

Curriculum Meeting

We will be holding a curriculum meeting early in term 1 of next year, at which we will be able to provide more information on the curriculum the upper school will be following and arrangements for the class in general. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at that meeting.

Future Developments

The school is committed to the continued development of the Upper School section and we are looking forward to the opportunities presented by our largest cohort in many years. Personally, I am looking forward to teaching in the upper school again and being around to drive curriculum development and ensure the highest standards.

If you wish to meet me to discuss any matters, I am available this week and for most of the school holidays.


Mr Green

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