Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 1 Week 3

Hello Everyone! Happy rainy Friday to you all! 

A Fantastic Week of Learning!

Dear Parents,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you had a wonderful week. It’s been an exciting and enriching week in our Year 1/2 class, and we can’t wait to share all the highlights with you!

Mathematics Mastery:

In mathematics, our Year 1 students have been exploring the concept of comparing objects using the vocabulary ‘more than,’ ‘less than,’ ‘fewer,’ and ‘the same.’ It’s amazing to see how they’re grasping these foundational concepts!

Our Year 2 students have been working diligently on counting in 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and they’ve even begun diving into the world of ordinal numbers. This has been quite challenging for some of our young learners, so I kindly ask for your support in reviewing these concepts at home as part of their homework.

Literacy Rotations:

Our literacy rotations are in full swing, and the groups are working hard. It’s incredible to watch their reading and writing skills develop. The homework will always be linked to what they have done in their rotation. I know the writing worksheets can be repetitive but I love to see the students practising their formation. It is important to get it right from a young age and it will help them to produce some beautiful handwriting.  Please also encourage your child to practise their spelling words. I recommend a few words a day 🙂

IPC Adventures:

In our IPC (International Primary Curriculum) lessons, we’ve been exploring our fascinating brains and learned that different parts of the brain are like certain animals! The prefrontal cortex is our wise owl and the amygdala is our guard dog. This helped the children remember the difficult names of the brain and associate them with their functions. 

Today, we delved into mindfulness practices, using leaves to help us focus and find inner calm. The children created wonderful crafts with the leaves, showcasing their creativity and the serenity they found in this activity. 

PE Delights:

Physical Education has been an absolute blast! We had so much fun watching the children slide on their “hungry hippos” backs during the lesson. Laughter filled the gym, and their enthusiasm for physical activity is truly inspiring. We even put Mr Green on one and pushed him around. 

Positive Pathways:

Positive Pathways is our class behaviour support system where students collectively decide on a class goal. This week we have chosen to improve on how much we interrupt both each other and the teacher. We read a book called “My mouth is a volcano” and we have come up with some ways in which we can be respectful, listen to others, and not interrupt. 

Library Book Bags:

A quick reminder to please ensure your child brings their library book bag to school each week. This makes it easier for both myself and Miss Yuli to assist them in selecting new books and returning the ones they’ve finished. I will put their homework file inside their library bag to make it easier for them to carry home.

Timetable Change:

Next Monday, 18th September the school will be changing the timetable slightly to allow for the children to all play together at lunchtime. I think this will bring lots of happiness to the children as some of them miss their friends in the older year groups at lunch. Here is our updated timetable. 

I look forward to another week of exciting discoveries and growth! Wishing you all an amazing weekend ahead. 

Warm regards,


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