Ms. M’s Class Update T1W3

Wow, this week was a lot of fun. We miss the Moonbeams but we are preparing to go visit them on their planet next week!

Speaking of planets, we did a lot of exploring planets and planet art this week. We began by exploring space using AR on our tablets to view different planets, sattelites, etc.

We made 3D planets from clay which we will make a mobile with. Then we used different textured paint (some had rice, sand, and flour mixed in) to create our own planets. We also used collage materials to make planets. This 2D exploration led us to create a map to Planet Moonbeam which is now on display in the corridor. 

In PE we continued our astronaut training by flying to different coloured planets and also using a shapes and colours control panel on the wall to operate our space shuttle. Then we used scooters as spaceships to roll around the Hall as if we were flying from planet to planet! We’re nearly ready to take off for Planet Moonbeam!

All this work has made us very hungry so today we made Planet Pizzas. It was great fun and definitely delicious. 

We began phonics rotations this week. It’s great to see everyone working so hard on their letter sounds and reading. Some of us put good work into practising our names during rotations. I’m so pleased at everyone’s willingness to put in hard work!

We also had lots of fun exploring space in our unstructured play time and a great time singing and dancing with Mr. Green in Music!


Your quest this week is to plan a menu to bring on a space adventure. You don’t have to make the food but tell me what you would bring with you to space? Would you bring chocolate pudding like we ate last week in our astronaut training? Pizza like we made this week? What would be the best thing to eat in space? 

You can make a menu like a restaurant menu. If possible, you can write some of the food words. If you can’t write the word, maybe you can just write the first letter and draw a picture! You can bring your menu in as a hard-copy or email me photos at

Additionally, Mr. Green sent home a Creativity Butterfly. It is in your child’s bookbag with instructions. 

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you refreshed on Monday!

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