Ms. M’s Class Update T1W11

Wow! What a whirwind of a week we had! Let me begin with another reminder that we have a new girl joining our class from next week who has severe allergies. Please ensure that all snacks and lunch going forward are nut-free. Also, we speak a lot in class about how it is kind to share however we will not be allowing the sharing of any food at snack or lunch time. Please have a talk with your children about this to help me reinforce this seemingly contradictory rule. We want a safe and secure environment for all our friends. Lastly, if you do have nuts (i.e. peanut butter) for breakfast, please make sure your children wash their hands thoroughly before coming to school. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation in this matter.

The children are loving our transportation unit. We spent a lot of time looking at cars and their parts and even built our own cardboard cars to play with!

After cars, we moved onto busses! We played a fun game in the Hall where we pretended to drive a bus and when I called out a colour, all the children ran to the corner with that colour cone and lined up as if they were waiting for a bus. Later, we pretended to drive a bus around the corridors at school picking up stuffed animals as passengers.

We also made some great bus art from 2D shapes!

Even our Maths this week used transportation. We’ve been learning about different kinds of patterns all year long during calendar time and we put that knowledge to use on a couple worksheets. One worksheet we had to complete a pattern by cutting and pasting the next vehicle in the sequence. On another sheet we worked on, we were given the type of pattern (such as AB, AAB, ABC) and had to colour in the vehicles to match the pattern type.


Since we spent time on patterns this week, let’s see if you can find any patterns out and about in your life! Keep your eyes peeled. Maybe you see a fence that’s painted RED WHITE RED WHITE. Maybe you look in the car park and you notice a row of cars that are BLACK BLACK GREY BLACK BLACK GREY. Maybe you could even create a pattern with things you have at home such as shoes or fruit like apples and oranges. Do take a picture of any patterns you notice this week and send them to so we can look at them together on Friday morning!

And don’t forget to keep practicing the Vehicles Phonics Song because we’ll be singing it for the whole school this coming Friday!

That’s it for this week! Let’s have an awesome weekend and a great week with new friends next week!

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