High-Quality Teaching and Learning

At  Hyundai Foreign School we define High-Quality Teaching and Learning as Teaching and Learning that:

  • is Engaging – Students are engaged in the learning process
  • is AppropriateStudents learn the skills and knowledge that are relevant to them and their future
  • is Accessible by all – All students have an equal opportunity to succeed

High-Quality Teaching also incorporates HFS Core Values:

  • Curiosity – The natural curiosity of students is embraced
  • Creativity – Students are encouraged to express their creativity through their learning and teachers are supported to teach in creative ways
  • Confidence – Learning at HFS nurtures confidence
  • Respect – Learning happens in an environment of mutual respect 
  • Responsibility – Students are taught to be responsible for their own learning
  • Teamwork – Learning is organised in a way that encourages the development of teamwork skills 
  • Leadership – Opportunities to develop leadership skills are embedded in the curriculum
  • Growth Mindset – Students are taught to develop a Growth Mindset approach to learning
  • International Mindset – The learning that happens at HFS encourages the development of an International Mindset
  • Environmental Awareness – Learning experiences foster Environmental Awareness