FS2 Art Class Update – T1W3

This week, the FS2 friends had so much fun exploring art!

They got to play with something called ‘pastels,’ which are very soft and like colorful crayons. With these pastels, they made beautiful heart patterns that looked really special.

But that’s not all! They also looked at the amazing art made by a famous artist named Kandinsky. He liked to use dots, lines, and shapes to make his art look cool. The FS2 artists, they used dots, lines, and shapes to make their very own artworks, just like Kandinsky did.

And here’s something super cool: while they were working on their art, they listened to music by a composer named Tchaikovsky. Just like Kandinsky, FS2 kids painted their feelings using colors that matched the music’s rhythm. So, if the music was fast, they used bright colors, and if it was slow, they used calm colors. It was like a dance of colors and emotions!

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Y1-2 Art Class Update – T1W3

Year 1 and Year 2 kids recently had an awesome art adventure! 

They learned all about a famous artist named Henri Matisse and two of his super cool artworks called “Polynesian Sea” and “Polynesian Sky.”

First, they carefully looked at these pictures and talked about what makes them different.

We split into two groups, just like when we play our favorite games. One group decided to make their own “Polynesian Sky,” and the other group worked on creating their very own “Polynesian Sea.”

They did it in a special way that Henri Matisse used called “cut out skill.”

They used scissors, colorful paper, and lots of imagination to make their own versions of these beautiful Polynesian scenes.

Seeing what our Year 1 and Year 2 kids created was just awesome!

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Y3-4 Art Class Update – T1W3

This week, we completed all of our camel drawings depicting them walking across the desert sands.

To capture the texture of the desert sand, we used a combination of soft pastels and oil pastels, employing a collage technique to draw and paste the camels.

During our second art class, we delved into the world of traditional Korean masks in preparation for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

Each of us selected one of the various mask shapes and expressed it through our drawings. We also adorned the four corners of our drawings with colourful paper in a frame-like fashion, creating an imagery reminiscent of Korean carved wooden masks.

Looking ahead to next week, we’re excited to continue our enjoyable art classes centered around Chuseok.

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Y5-6 Art Class Update – T1W3

Keith Haring was born in the United States in 1958. He loved drawing from a young age and started learning art.

Keith Haring’s drawings are simple yet colorful and are very popular among many people. His artworks often feature cute characters and simple lines. His drawings often include repeated patterns and vibrant colors, making his work special. His artwork often carries social messages. For example, he created drawings that talked about peace, love, equality, and other important topics.

This week, we looked at Keith Haring’s artworks and tried to draw actions and movements from his works on large sheets of paper. This activity was done in groups, and each group chose a different artwork to represent. We outlined our drawings with bold lines, just like Keith Haring did. Next week, we’ll have a session to paint our drawings with watercolors.

On Wednesday, we visited the Modern Art Museum to see an exhibition of Henri Matisse’s works. We listened to detailed explanations about Henri Matisse’s artworks from the docent. When we returned to school, we had a session where we answered questions about Henri Matisse on a questionnaire. In our spare time, we also had a fun activity where we tried to express Henri Matisse’s artworks using colored paper.

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Y7-9 Art Class Update – T1W3

We completed a drawing of a sphere, carefully observing its shape, the interplay of light and shadow, and the variations in tone.

On Wednesday, we visited the Hyundai Art Center to admire Henri Matisse’s artworks.

Before heading to the contemporary art museum for the Henry Matisse art exhibition, we spent an hour immersing ourselves in the life and art of Henry Matisse. We also had a thoughtful discussion about proper museum etiquette and ensured the well-being of young students, all while savoring the marvelous artworks created by Henry Matisse. After our museum visit, we gathered in groups to engage in a discussion session, sharing our impressions of the exhibition and conducting group reviews.

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F2 Art Class Update – T1W2

This week, we had a session where we used several beautiful heart shapes to reconstruct hearts in various ways. Kids had fun creating interesting designs by placing heart shapes in positions they desired, such as intertwined hearts, upright hearts, and inverted heart shapes. We filled the divided sections of the heart shapes with various colors, reminding ourselves of the colors we had learned. Additionally, we explored colors by painting various shades on designs made with tape, resembling houses, suns, moons, and clouds. During the remaining time, we sang songs related to colors and shapes and had a drawing session on the whiteboard. It was an enjoyable class for the kids, and they showed great confidence in their creations.

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Y1-2 Art Class Update – T1W2

‘Icarus’ is a famous artwork created by the renowned French artist Henri Matisse. It is part of his series of cut-out collages, which he produced late in his career when he was physically limited due to illness. The artwork is characterized by its simplicity and bold use of color. ‘Icarus’ depicts the mythological figure Icarus falling from the sky after flying too close to the sun with wings made of wax and feathers. Matisse’s use of color and shape in ‘Icarus’ is striking. He employs flat, vivid colors and eliminates intricate details, giving the work a sense of abstraction and simplicity. The bold color choices and the composition’s overall design convey a sense of energy and movement, despite the tragic subject matter.

This week, Y 1-2 kids learned about the story of Icarus and created their own ‘Icarus’. We chose the colors we wanted to use and everyone beautifully created their own unique style of Icarus. It was an amazing job. Next week, we will visit an art exhibition at the Hyundai Art Center to see Henri Matisse’s artwork.

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Y3-4 Art Class Update – T1W2

This week, we wrapped up our cactus project, focusing on one of the desert’s inhabitants. After completing the cactus project, we had a session to express the shape of desert sand dunes using a collage technique. We created layers of desert dunes with white paper to give them volume, and then used pastels and oil pastels to convey the softness of the sand. It was a time where we learned how to express a specific theme using various materials. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the lesson!

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Y5-6 Art Class Update – T1W2

This week, we drew pictures of sports actions.

We started by measuring the body on the paper and learning how to accurately depict the figures.

Here are the various poses we created.

Next week, we will learn about how artists depict people’s actions.

We will also explore the life and art of Keith Haring from the USA.

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Y7-9 Art Class Update – T1W2

During our observation of a cube, we delved into the various ways light enters from different angles and how each face of the cube portrays different tones, encompassing shadows and reflections. Furthermore, we scrutinized an actual three-dimensional model to identify where it appears brightest when exposed to light, where it’s darkest, and the orientation of the shadows. This session provided us with a valuable opportunity to grasp the effective representation of tones.

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