FS1-2 Art Class Update – T2W11

FS1-2 kids drew beautiful flowers and pots. We learned about different types of flowers and then created our own beautiful flowers using colored paper. We cut the paper to create petals of the flowers and stems using popsicle sticks, then arranged them in pots we drew, making various heights of flowers.

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Y1-2 Art Class Update – T2W11

In years 1-2, children created 2D shape moving cars with their hands.

As the final activity on the theme of “toys,” they drew roads and backgrounds, then cut out car-shaped images to depict moving cars.

It was a very enjoyable time for the children.

Additionally, after participating in a fire drill training, they enhanced their observational skills in art class by drawing firefighters and fire trucks.

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Y3-4 Art Class Update – T2W11

The children in years 3-4 explored Decalcomanie technique to create bugs. They folded paper, drew and coloured one side of the parts, unveiling symmetrical patterns. Afterwards, they completed the other side of each part. This activity brought immense joy, as the children were truly excited throughout.

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Y5-6 Art Class Update – T2W11

The Year 5-6 students successfully completed their rendition of ‘Monet’s Garden’ utilizing the watercolour painting technique, skillfully manipulating the tones of colour with water. Building upon this, they then ventured to craft their own unique water lily paintings.

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Y7-9 Art Class Update – T2W11

The Year 7 to 9 students were given the opportunity to explore various materials and supplies to bring their creative visions to life. Whether they chose to craft something unique or simply express themselves through drawing, they were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. Additionally, the students came together to create a card for Haley, who recently departed from HFS this week.

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FS1-2 Art Class Update – T2W10

The FS1-2 kids made cars using simple shapes like circles and squares. They coloured them in, tied strings to make them move, and added little handles. Everyone laughed and had a great time in class, making their cars come alive! Can’t wait for more fun next time! Have a weekend my little stars!! 🙂

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Y1-2 Art Class Update – T2W10

The art classroom was buzzing with excitement as the toy cars, made by the year 1-2 students, were finally finished. When the wheels were added, the cars looked just like real ones! They were parked neatly on one side of the classroom, and each car had something special about it. Everyone felt happy and proud seeing their creations.

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Y3-4 Art Class Update – T2W10

The year 3-4 kids delved into the intricate world of insects, learning about their body parts. With creativity in full swing, they crafted 3D representations of insects, incorporating various patterns and designs. Their imaginative journey culminated in attaching leaf patterns and insects together, resulting in realistic presentations and lots of fun!

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Y5-6 Art Class Update – T2W10

In the coming weeks, the year 5-6 students will dive into the world of the renowned French artist Monet. They will uncover the life and works of Monet, exploring his distinctive painting style.

This week, they took a brief glimpse into Monet’s life and had the chance to express themselves through colourful paintings while admiring one of Monet’s masterpieces, “Water Lilies.”

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Y7-9 Art Class Update – T2W10

The Year7-9 students explored the characteristics of Gothic architecture, a fascinating genre of art, and learned about its significance. They examined images of the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, constructed in the Gothic style, and then sketched their own Gothic buildings. To add depth to their sketches, they played with varying tones, enhancing their understanding of architectural design.

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