FS1-2 Art Class Update – T3W10

FS1-2 kids sang the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and observed the shape of boats. We then chose coloured papers we liked and created our own boats. Additionally, we made 3D-style ice cream cones.

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Y1-2 Art Class Update – T3W10

Year 1-2 kids created pop-up cards. We learned about animal habitats and discovered how to create the pop-up style of card, exploring it in our own unique styles.

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Y3-4 Art Class Update – T3W10

Year 3-4 kids created vibrant mural-style pictures inspired by Keith Haring.

They explored his iconic style, using bold lines and bright colours to depict various poses and movements of people.

We imitated the motion in Keith Haring’s artwork, observed his pieces, and identified their unique characteristics.

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Y5-6 Art Class Update – T3W10

A suncatcher is a decorative piece that you hang in a sunny window. When the sunlight shines through it, the colours and patterns create beautiful, colourful reflections all around the room. Think of it like a mini stained-glass window!

This week, Year 5-6 students created beautiful suncatchers using various patterns. To make them even more beautiful, we braided colourful wool and hung the suncatchers from it.

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Y7-9 Art Class Update – T3W10

This week, we had a presentation session where we shared slides we created about Joan Miró.

Additionally, we completed the pictures we had sketched in groups last week, colouring them in the style of Joan Miró using various materials.

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FS1-2 Art Class Update – T3W9

This week, FS1-2 kids, we made a beautiful owl.

We read a story about owls and looked at pictures of them to understand their features.

We drew big, beautiful eyes and patterns on the owl’s body. Then, we used oil pastels and watercolour paints to add colours. It was a lot of fun!

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Y1-2 Art Class Update – T3W9

The Year 1-2 kids can explain what symmetry is and have used this skill to create patterns on fish. Additionally, they have chosen shapes or images, drawn one half, and completed the other half by considering symmetry.

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Y3-4 Art Class Update – T3W9

In Year 3 and 4, the kids have been actively summarizing and analyzing everything about Vincent van Gogh.

They’ve expressed their inspirations through their writing, reflecting on what they’ve learned about him.

They also answered questions about Vincent Van Gogh, demonstrating their understanding and adding insightful analysis to their work.

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Y5-6 Art Class Update – T3W9

This week, the kids in Year 5 and 6 learned about positive and negative space in art. They understood how to define these concepts and explored artworks that showcase these skills. Inspired by what they saw, they created their own beautiful artwork, combining various patterns with their amazing imaginations.

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Y7-9 Art Class Update – T3W9

This week, we created art in the style of Joan Miró. We learned about the important elements of his work and focused on using bright colors, abstract forms, and playful, symbolic imagery. Miró, a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist, is often associated with the Surrealist movement. His distinctive style involves several key elements and techniques:

Abstract Forms: Miró often used abstract, organic shapes that could evoke both natural and fantastical elements. His shapes are usually bold and whimsical.

Bright Colours: He employed a vibrant colour palette with primary colours (red, blue, yellow) often standing out, creating a sense of joy and spontaneity in his work.

Simplified Figures: His figures are often simplified and stylized, resembling childlike drawings or primitive art. These figures can represent people, animals, or imaginary creatures.

Lines and Dots: Thin, black lines and dots are frequently used to connect various elements in his compositions, creating a sense of movement and connection.

Symbolism: Miró’s work is rich in symbolic meaning. He often incorporated stars, moons, eyes, and other recurring symbols that held personal significance or were intended to evoke certain emotions or thoughts in the viewer.

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