Mrs Sim – 2023/24

Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 7

Dear Parents,

It was so nice to meet with you all this week at our Teacher Parent Conferences. Thank you for coming to discuss your child’s progress. I am always very proud to tell you all the wonderful things your children are achieving in school and believe that communication with parents is a wonderful thing in a child’s learning journey.

In Maths, the Year 1 students have worked very hard completing their unit on “Place Value to 20”. They sat the unit assessment today and I was very pleased to see how well they did. Next week we will begin our Unit “Place Value to 50”. The Year 2 students have been working on doubling and halving numbers, the 2 times table, division and odd and even numbers. It has been a challenging unit and we are a little behind schedule as I wanted to take time to review areas the children found difficult. Next week, we will finish up the Multiplication and Division Unit and sit the unit assessment. Afterwards, the children will start a new unit “Length and height” which is always very hands-on and fun to learn!

In English, we have been learning all about signs and directions and how they help us. We created our own signs and started looking at how instructions can help us to complete things well! In literacy rotations, I assessed the students to ensure they are on track and studying in the correct group. Next week, there will be a few groups changing colours.

In IPC, we are having a great time learning all about the history of toys. As you all saw on Wednesday they loved creating their own toys and have had fun playing with them. Next week, I have asked the children to bring in ONE of their favourite toys to share with the class. Please bring it in on Monday 26th, thank you! We will use them as part of our lesson so please pack them in their bags while you remember 🙂

In PE, we did some mindfulness yoga and today we enjoyed circuit training with Mr Dunn’s class. They worked hard so I expect they will sleep well tonight.

It has been a rainy week, I hope the weather gets better over the weekend so you can all enjoy some time outdoors!

Here are the pictures from our week. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend,

Warm regards,


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Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 6

We had a great day today! Here are the pictures from our adventure! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 4

Hello! What a gloomy Friday it is out there today! Hope you are all well and have had a lovely week!

I will begin today by showing you how much fun we have been having in P.E. over the last few weeks! We have been practising our throwing and catching skills using a variety of equipment. We even created our own game where we had to try and get a bean bag into the goals! Teamwork and accurate passing were the focus of the lessons.

In English this week we read a story called ‘The Euculyptus Tree’. We focused on singular and plural nouns and did some fun sorting activities. The Year 2 students spent time trying to increase the amount they were writing. At this stage in the year, I am encouraging them to become more independent writers in preparation for moving up to Year 3. In rotations, we have been looking at improving our reading fluency and intonation so that we don’t sound like robots when we read :). The younger students in Year 1  have learned some tricky sounds this week. Practising the sounds at home is always great to reinforce the learning that has taken place in class.

In Maths, the Year 1 students started their new unit ‘Addition and Subtraction’. We specifically looked at ways to make adding within 20 easier for us to mentally calculate. This week we used ten frames and number lines to help us. We need some more time practising our number bonds so we will continue with this next week. 

In Year 2, we used arrays to help gain a deeper understanding of multiplication. Last week, we used equal groups and this week we focused on drawing arrays to help us understand what exactly multiplication is. So far so good! 

In IPC, it has been a really exciting week. On Monday we ordered pizza to our classroom and enjoyed discussing what nutrient groups it was made of. Carbohydrates, dairy, and protein were the words used to describe it- well done my lovelies! 🙂 

After all the eating, we put on our designer hats and made our own pizza boxes. I told the students, that once I retire I am going to open up a pizza shop called “The Foreign Halmoni” pizza shop. They thought it was hilarious and eagerly designed beautiful boxes!

Phonics Books

A little gentle reminder about the phonics books. I know they look like they are just photocopied books but they are actually shipped over from the UK and are quite pricey. We use them throughout the school, so please return them each week after practising with your child. Thank you so much 🙂

Field Trip Money

Thank you to all who have brought in the money for the field trip. If you have not yet brought it in,  please send it by next Monday. Thank you!

Next week we will be off on Friday 9th February for the Korean Lunar New Year Holiday.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy doing something nice with your family.

Take care and see you all on Monday!

Warm Regards

Mrs. Sim 🤩

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Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 3

Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

It has been a chilly week this week hasn’t it?! I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive 🙂

Time has flown in Year 1/2 this week! (How time flies when you’re having fun! ;)).

In IPC, we continued with our unit “We are what we eat”. At the beginning of the week, we looked at how we taste, exploring our tongues and taste buds. We did a little experiment where I filled 5 different cups with different kinds of water- salty, sweet, bitter, sour and plain water. The children had to taste them all and guess which one was which. The lemon taste resulted in lots of funny facial expressions! 

We also looked at how to look after our teeth and used mirrors to see if we had any cavities ;). Today we made little playdough mouths and tried to make our own teeth models. We also made an instruction page on how to brush your teeth properly.

In English, we read a story called “The Big Pancake”. The children looked at the use of ‘a’ and ‘an’ in the story and answered questions about the story. We also tried to compare the story to our previous book “The Chapatti Man” and looked for similarities and differences. 

In literacy rotations, we worked hard on reading fluency, spelling, and writing. As always, they were wonderful and all did a great job. I love our little groups!

In Maths this week Year 1 finished their unit “Place Value to 20” and sat an end of unit test today. Next week we will start a new unit “Addition and Subtraction to 20”. The girls have all shown a sound understanding of place value to 20 and are ready for the next unit. Year 2 students started a new unit “Multiplication and Division” and have been working on understanding exactly what multiplication is. We focused on making equal groups, repeated addition and then finally introduced the multiplication symbol and ways we can say “x”. (lots of, times, multiplied by, groups of). We also sat an end-of-unit test for our Money unit and this was very challenging for a few students. I am considering reviewing some of the Money unit next week to improve some gaps in their learning.

Field Trip 

On Friday, February 16th, we will be visiting 유진목장 본치즈어리 Bon Cheesery- here-YAY!!! The children will have the opportunity to make pizza, ice-cream and bread!

We will leave school at 9:15am and return for 3:30pm. After the cooking, we will visit a nearby park before returning to school. The children can eat the food they make for lunch so no need to make a lunchbox. Just a snack and water bottle. Please also bring a container/tupperware dish to put the leftover food in so they can take it home. The pizzas are quite big! It should be a great day out! The cost of the trip is 15,000 won and should be sent to school by Friday, February 2nd. Please complete the permission  Form here, thank you.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

See you all on Monday 🙂

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Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Week 2 in the new school has been great! I am so proud of the way the children have settled in. They have been respectful, kind to one another and worked really hard this week.It is as if they have been here for years. 

Let’s take a look at what we have been working on this week!

In IPC, we learned about the various food groups and had great fun sorting out pictures of food into carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables, oils and spreads and dairy. We made large posters to help us become familiar with the vocabulary. We also carried out a little experiment to see what runner beans need to grow. Next week we will hopefully see which ones have survived. After the experiment, we learned about the different parts of a bean cycle and named a beautiful plant using labels. Today, we finished up looking at fruit and seeds. We matched pictures and created a little book displaying the fruits we had looked at.

In literacy, the children worked hard focusing on their reading fluency and phonics skills. This week I have sent home the book your child has been studying in class. Please ask your child to read it to you and I promise you will be proud :). 

We carried out spelling tests today and the results were a delight to see. In our Cambridge curriculum, we looked at writing sentences using pictures. Year 1 are now confident using capital letters and full stops and are able to form short sentences with support. I am encouraging Year 2 to write more independently.

In Maths, we had a challenging week in Year 2 learning all about money. We looked at adding, giving change and using different coins to make the same amount of money. It was a difficult unit for a few of the students. Next week we will be moving on to Multiplication and Division! This unit can be tricky so we are going to take it nice and slow!

Year 1 students continued on exploring numbers to 20. We made our own number lines, learned all about one more and one less. Solved missing number problems and played a new game using our number cards!

I am currently working on arranging a little trip for the children. We are learning all about food so I am looking at going to a farm to take part in a cooking class. I will send you all details soon! 

Some students didn’t want to take their indoor shoes home today. I think I will try and send them when I see they are getting dirty 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

See you all on Monday!

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Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 1

Welcome to our new school! It has been a very exciting start to Term 2 in our brand-new building. The students are very happy with their new classroom. It is lovely having more space and our very own playground.

We started the week with a little tour to become familiar with our new school. 

In literacy, I assessed the students’ reading and phonics to ensure their group was still a good fit for them. They all did very well so we got straight into our rotations on Tuesday. I haven’t sent reading books home this week as I want to review them again next week. 

In Maths, we started using our new curriculum Whiterose Maths which is so wonderfully great! The students enjoyed new tuff trays, fun presentations, and solving problems. Year 1 is exploring ‘Place Value (within 20) and Year 2 is learning all about money!

In IPC, we began our new unit “We are what we eat”. We created our own cafe and designed menus for our class cafe. The children had lots of fun roleplaying and enjoying some snacks. Today we looked at what we eat in a day and the importance of a balanced diet.

Library Bags

 On a Friday we have library, could you please send the navy library bag to school each week? Many thanks. This is even more essential now as we need to carry the books up the stairs 🙂


On Tuesday and Friday we have PE and games so please send your child wearing comfortable footwear. We run around a lot!

Indoor Shoes

I plan to send home indoor shoes every 2 weeks to be washed and returned on Monday. A few students wanted to take them home to be cleaned today so I let them.


Homework was all prepared and in the box to be taken home and then I forgot to give it to them. I am sorry! It was a busy home time today! It will go home on Monday instead and be due next Friday.

Here are some pictures from our week!

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday,


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Happy New Year!

Dear Parents,

Happy 2024 to you all! I had written this as an email to you all and have just been informed no one received it.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Friday at the new school. We are working hard to have it all set up nicely 🙂


After some thought, we have decided to wear indoor shoes in the lower school. I ask that students bring indoor shoes for school starting back on January 8th. We often spend time in the reading area, Calm corner, and wearing indoor shoes will keep our classroom and areas nice and clean. 

If you could order something similar to these along with a small shoe bag that would be great. Each Friday I will send them home with the children to wash. 

I hope the students had a lovely Christmas and I am excited to see them all again soon!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Sim

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Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas

Hohoho! Hope you are all well!

Today, we have reached the end of Term 1 and what fun we have all had! It has been wonderful watching the students grow over the past 15 weeks. I am so proud of everything they have achieved so far and I can’t wait for another great semester ahead. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Wishing you all a happy new year filled with Love, Laughter and Happiness!

This week has been filled with arts and crafts, jelly making, Christmas tree creating and lots of fun!

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Mrs Sim’s Weekly Update – Term 1 Week 14

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all okay and staying healthy. There has been a lot of sickness in the class this week and I hope the students get better soon. Please do keep in mind that if your child has caught the flu it is best to keep them safe at home until they have fully recovered.

It’s been a funny, old week with a lot going on but the surviving three students had a lot of fun today. We joined up with Mr Dunn’s class for games and had a nice afternoon making Christmas crafts with Ms. M’s class.

The Christmas Bookvent has been a hit and the children have loved opening their books and sharing them with their friends. It has added a little bit of Christmas sparkle and I have loved sitting and reading to the students <3

As we come to the end of Term 1, a Phonics assessment will be held next week to ensure the children are in groups that are a good fit for them. 

In Maths, the children have been finishing off units on Position (Year 1) and Money (Year 2). Next week we will have a review week using lots of Christmas-themed resources to help! Yay!

The Elf has been providing the children with lots of excitement and we can’t wait to see what she does next week! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone and we will see you next week!

Take care,


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Christmas ‘Bookvent’-Week 14 -15

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