Mr Morgan – 2023/24

Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W10

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the belated post, but here is an update for our penultimate week of the year. There has been lots going on as we draw to a close on each of our units, interspersed with fun from the ABC Countdown. Here is a quick overview of what we have been up to this week.

In Maths, we have been finishing up our unit on Volume and Capacity learning the extremely helpful skill of unit conversion. Students have been putting their knowledge of mass and volume to the test solving conversion problems.

In English, we have been learning how to use flashbacks in writing to provide character backstories and provide answers to the reader. Students have written their own flashbacks to a story, and written variations according to different genres.

In IPC we completed building our wind turbines and tested out their efficiency. Everyone put a lot of thought and effort into researching and building this, particularly paying attention to the blade shapes. They did a great job and there were some extremely effective examples. I enjoyed watching them think of solutions to their engineering problems.


The upper school teachers a planning a water fight for our ABC Countdown W day! In lieu of PE, we will set up some water based games and competitions amongst the classes, and then have a water fight afterwards. This will take place after morning break time. Please, for TUESDAY JUNE 25th bring:

  • A change of clothing
  • A towel
  • A water gun (if you have – we will provide balloons!)

Remember, there are NO CLUBS the last week of school. There will be a first and second bus, please see the HFS Newsletter email for details.

The ABC Countdown this week has provided lots of extra entertainment (and food). We have had ramyeon (as a prize for a cleaning the beach and getting a class Star of the Week), Snacks, and T-shirt signings. I will leave you with some photos of these events.

Have a great weekend, and see you next week for the final week!

Mr Morgan

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W9

Happy Friday everyone,

Friday has come around quickly as we draw nearer to the end of the year. It has been another week of great learning with plenty going on; from lollipops to police visits. Here is a quick overview of all we have been doing.

In Maths, we started our final unit on volume and capacity. Students have spent the week learning how to estimate volume, and how to calculate it accurately. There have been ample opportunities for practical hands-on activities with a refresher on how to use isometric paper to draw 3D shapes.

In English we finished up acting out our dialogues and giving constructive feedback on the effectiveness of the students’ continuation of the story. There were some excellent ideas and creativity on display. The remainder of the week has been exploring the concept of describing an event in time from different perspectives. We took advantage of ‘N’ for Nature, to go outside and write about what we saw, before comparing our work to gain insight into how people view the same event through different eyes.

In IPC, students worked hard researching the ideal source of renewable energy for an imaginary island. They then gave a presentation on why their energy source would be the best. As a class, we voted on the best solution for the island’s energy needs. Following on from this activity, students have been tasked with a STEM activity to create the most efficient wind turbine blades. Students have researched the various blade options available, and we were able to use ‘O’ for Origami to experiment making some different blade prototypes. Next week, students will make, and measure the effectiveness of their turbines.

Reminder: Today, we sent back student reports, and next week I will hold Parent-Teacher Consultations. If there is anything you wish to talk to about, please reserve a time slot here . If none of these times suit you, please email me and we can try to arrange another time.

That’s all for Week 9. Have a great weekend, and I will leave you with some extra photos from the week.

Mr Morgan

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update T3W8

Happy Friday everyone,

This week has absolutely flown by, culminating with today’s class trip to Jinha Beach and Fe01 junk cafe. Here is a quick overview of what we have been up to this week.

In Maths, we went back in time to learn about Roman Numerals. We spent three days learning their structure and practicing their use, finishing with an escape room exercise to check everyone’s understanding.

In English, we focused on writing dialogue and reviewing word classes. Students practiced acting out a dialogue from Edith Pattou’s ‘East’ before continuing the dialogue, acting it out in class. We also took time to review word classes, checking that students understand the main classes of words, as well as homophones and homographs. This tied in nicely with ‘H’ for humour on the ABC Countdown.

In IPC, we had a research-heavy week. First, we explored how climate change is affecting animals around the world. Students researched different endangered animals and considered the ‘knock-on’ effect that changing habitats has on the ecosystem as a whole. We also started looking into the different types of renewable sources of energy that are available, weighing up the advantages and the disadvantages of each. We will continue with this theme next week.

Finally, today was our Term 3 class trip to Jinha Beach and Fe01 Junk Cafe. It was a lovely (if not a bit hot) day out. I was very impressed with all the students who were extremely motivated from the get-go to clean the beach. (I had to persuade them to stop with ice cream!). We collected a lot of plastic, fireworks, and cigarette butts from the beach, and it was left in a much better condition after we left. Everyone really embraced the core values of Environmental Awareness and Responsibility, with many vowing to come back again to clean. We then spent a calm hour in the afternoon exploring the Junk Cafe, looking at the creative ways they have re-used old engine parts to create inspiring statues and figures.

That’s all for week 8, I’ll leave you with a few random photos from the week. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you in week 9.

Mr Morgan

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – Term 3 Week 7

Happy Friday everyone,

Another week has come and gone, and it is hard to believe that we are already at the end of week 7. This week has been productive as usual, with lots of learning going on, as well as the added bonus of the ABC Countdown.

In Maths, we delved into the extremely useful concept of order of operations. Students learned about BODMAS or PEMDAS and practiced solving equations correctly according to the order of operations. It was a challenging week, but everyone showed a great deal of resilience and showed excellent understanding by the end of the week.

In English, students wrote prologues for the books that they are currently reading. This was a tricky undertaking that really involved students thinking about how to create intrigue, and to set the scene for the story, without giving away too many details. We also worked on expanding our sentences, including phrases to improve the length, and interest of our written passages.

In IPC we have been getting to grips with climate change. We started the week researching the power consumption of utilities. Students learned how to work out power consumption, calculating how much electricity our classroom uses per day. We then moved on to Greenhouse gases and understanding the impact that burning fossil fuels has on the atmosphere. Students researched each of the fossil fuels, understanding how they were formed, to how we extract them. We then ran an experiment to simulate and test the effect that CO2 has on retaining temperature in the atmosphere. Students were able to utilize their skills from the ‘Investigators’ unit to design and run a fair test. It was an eye-opening experience to see how excess CO2 can quickly increase the temperature of the atmosphere.

Reminders: Next Thursday is a National Holiday and there is no school!

On Friday we have our class trip to Jinha and Fe01 Junk Cafe. Please make sure that you have signed the permission form

On Thursday 20th June, we reach T for T-shirt in the ABC Countdown. I would like to order plain white shirts for the students to use to design and sign. Please could you fill out this form so that I can order the correct t-shirt for your child.

That’s all for this week. Have a lovely weekend, and I will see you in week 8. I will leave you with some photos from the ABC Countdown events.

Mr Morgan

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Class Trip to Jinha Beach and Fe01 Junk Cafe

Dear Parents,

On June 7th we are planning to travel to Jinha Beach to undertake a beach clean-up in the morning, and then travel to a nearby Junk Cafe called Fe01 to have a look at some of the creative ways artists have upcycled waste. This ties in nicely with our IPC unit on Climate Change, and a recently completed English unit on waste.

We will depart school at 9:10 to arrive at Jinha Beach nice and early. Students will be provided with litter pickers, gloves, and bags to collect any litter on the beach. The beach has been kept in very good condition, but with closer scrutiny, it is easy to see the impact of plastics hidden in the sand and along the shoreline. We will have lunch at the beach, before heading over to Fe01 cafe in nearby Seosang. Students will have an hour or two to explore the impressive artworks on the grounds. This is a great opportunity for students to employ the core values of Environmental Awareness, Responsibility, Teamwork, and Creativity.

COST: There is no cost for this trip. Students might want to bring along some snack money (5,000-10,000W) to buy a drink or even a donut at the cafe.

CLOTHES: It is impossible to foretell the weather, but Jinha is notoriously windy. Students should wear uniform, but should also bring a light jacket in case it is windy. They should also wear hats and plenty of sunscreen.

LUNCH: We will have lunch at the beach. Students should bring a packed lunch, and a mat to sit on. They should also be sure to bring plenty of water.

PERMISSION: Please sign this permission slip to allow your child to attend.

This will be a great trip for students to employ their core values, to make a difference to the local community, to help the environment, as well as getting to spend time outside in a beautiful area of Ulsan.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries whatsoever about this upcoming trip.

Mr Morgan.

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W6

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone got a good night’s sleep after the residential trip, and are happily remembering and retelling their anecdotes! I’m sure they have many stories to tell! It was an action-packed and educational few days, with ziplining, kayaking, rock climbing, and luges. I was extremely impressed by how well the students got ‘stuck-in’ to all the activities, many overcoming fears in the process, demonstrating great resilience and growth mindset. There were many occasions where students were out of their comfort zones, yet faced the challenges and prevailed. Whether that was sleeping away from home, or attempting to climb a rock face. I was very proud of how everyone did.

I will include some photos from the trip at the end of the post, and there will be more available in the school newsletter, that will be available to download.

ABC Countdown: We only have 25 school days left! To celebrate, we will have an ABC Countdown, where we do something small and special every day to the end of term. We missed A as we were on the trip but we will be starting on Monday with ‘B’ for Board Games. The activities are for the month are short and fun, and not compulsory. This is an event that has been popular in previous years and is a lovely way to finish the year. Below is the daily itinerary. I shall give each student a copy to take home on Monday.

You may notice that K is for ‘Klean’. On Friday 7th June, we are planning to go on our Term 3 Class trip, which will involve a beach clean-up at Jinha Beach, and then visiting an upcycling Junk Cafe in the area. I am in the process of finalizing the details, and will send them next week.

That is all for Week 6. I will leave you with some of the photos I have from the trip.

Have a great weekend, and I will see you on Monday.

Mr Morgan

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W5

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a short and exciting week, with the holiday for Buddha’s birthday and Sports Day, but we have still made the most of the few days in school.

In Maths, we continued with our unit on fractions. Students have been practicing finding fractions of an amount, and solving equations where they know a fraction of an amount. Students have all been attacking this with gusto, online and offline.

In English, we completed our unit with a magazine article written for two different audiences. Some students wrote them for Ms Temple’s class, and others for Mrs Leah’s class. On completing the articles, we celebrated each other’s work and gave positive feedback on how to improve. This time, we also invited Ms Temple and Mrs Leah’s class to read the articles and give their opinions.

In IPC, we started our new unit on Climate Control. This will allow students to investigate what causes climate change and what we can do to help divert a climate crisis. We started with an entry point, where students drew their optimistic or pessimistic view of the condition of the world in 2050. It was positive to see so many of the students embrace environmental awareness and belief that we can make a change.

That’s all from a short, action-packed week. I apologize that I did not manage to take any photos of Sports Day, but I know photos from the day will be made available soon.

Reminder: Next week we have the residential trip to Busan. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mr Morgan.

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W4

Happy Friday everybody!

Week 4 has drawn to a close after a busy week discovering who ‘stole ‘ our statues, and then presenting the evidence to the school with the big reveal!

In Maths, we have been digging deeper into the world of fractions. Students have been working hard getting familiar with changing seamlessly between improper and mixed fractions. They have been using this knowledge to help them with multiplication and division of fractions, both with integers and other fractions.

In English, we spent time exploring the features and designs of magazines. Students had the opportunity to read some children’s and grown-up magazines. They then started to re-write a ‘boringly’ written article on recycling, to cater to different audiences; some for students in Ms Temple’s class, and others for Mrs Leah’s class. This will really make them consider how audience can change the style, format, and tone of an article. I am looking forward to seeing the end results next week.

IPC took over the week. After whittling down the suspects to two people, we had to learn how to take fingerprints to find out who the guilty party was. We learned about the different types of fingerprints and how to ‘lift’ them from surfaces. After comparing some fingerprints on our evidence, the students were able to definitively tell who ‘stole’the statues.

For the rest of the week, everyone managed to keep the name of the culprit a secret, whilst they prepared a presentation for the big reveal in the hall to the whole school. They put on an excellent presentation showcasing everything that they learned, building up to the unmasking of the ‘thief’. It was a lot of fun, and I am thankful to all the teachers for playing along so well and keeping the mystery alive over 4 weeks. Also a special mention to Ms Temple who played the villain so well, and was so unsuspected!

That’s all for week 4. Just a quick reminder that next Thursday is Sport’s Day. Parents are more than welcome to come and join in the fun.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Morgan

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W3

Happy Friday everyone,

Another week has come and gone quickly, made short by the mid-week day off. It has been a full week as students have been taking InCAS tests, and eliminating suspects in their investigation to find the status thief.

In Maths and English, we took InCas tests in Reading, General Maths, Mental Arithmetic, Spelling, and Developed Ability. As always, it is an excellent opportunity to gauge students’ strengths and weaknesses and to adapt accordingly.

In IPC, students passed their ‘Forensics training’ and used their skill set to start tracking down the culprit of the statue theft. They collected evidence in the form of pens, drinks, handwriting samples, and cups from the teachers. They used their knowledge of pH levels to investigate the black substance. They used knowledge of insulators to measure temperature to give a timeframe to the crime, and they used chromatography to check the composition of pigments in ink. They have mostly compiled all their evidence and whittled down the list of suspects. They are currently working on displaying their evidence for a big reveal to the school next Friday.

That’s all for this week. Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday for Children’s Day, and to please respond to the Residential Trip, (Here) whether your child is going or not.

Have a lovely long weekend, and I will leave you with a few other photos from around the classroom.

Mr Morgan

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Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T3W2

Happy Friday everyone,

Another week has passed, and it has been a busy eventful week, with World Book Day and an enjoyable presentation/concert, on top of a lot of great learning. Here is a quick recount of week 2.

In Maths, we finished our geometry unit on position and direction. Students have become extremely proficient at reading coordinates, translating shapes in the first and fourth quadrants, as well as reflecting through horizontal, vertical, and diagonal mirror lines.

In English, we finished creating instructions on how to upcycle waste to create useful or creative new items. Students focused on the importance of the clarity of instructions, keeping them simple, and using imperative verbs. We produced clear instructions on how to make upcycled items from bottle lamps to plastic bottle surfboards. The importance of this skill has been recognized and used widely in our new IPC unit. As always, students took the time to give constructive feedback on each other’s work, and to reflect on ways to improve their own.

In IPC, students have continued in their roles as trainee forensic scientists, learning new skills to solve the head-scratching mystery of the statue thief. This week they have learned about acids and alkalines and how to test substances using pH strips. They also learned about chromatography, carrying out experiments on pens, to explore the different pigments used in inks. These experiments have helped students to realise the importance of fair testing and to apply their knowledge to hypothesize and find answers. I’m sure these skills will come in handy to help us find the thief!

Reminder: Next Wednesday (May 1st) is a national holiday and the school will be closed.

That’s all from Week 2. I will leave you with some pictures from World Book Day. As part of this event, our class went to the library and chose books to read to Ms Temple’s class. It was lovely to see everyone getting on so well and engrossed in their literature.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Morgan

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