HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 3

We are three weeks into life at our new school, and we are really starting to feel at home. The students are loving all the extra space, and our teachers are making sure we use our facilities to their full advantage. It was great to see after-school activities up and running this week, and school was full of fun and laughter.

Ski Trip

Next week, some students in Mr. Morgan’s and Mrs. Leah’s classes will go on an exciting skiing trip. We will be away from Monday to Wednesday at Muju Ski Resort with our friends from Atherton International School. Mr. Green and Mr. Morgan will be on the trip, with Mrs. Leah staying at school to look after the remaining students from those classes.

Going on the trip?Don’t forget:

New School Opening Celebration

If you would like to attend this event, please register using this form. We have lots of people coming, and we need to plan accordingly. If you do not register and attend on the day, you will be making things very difficult for us to organise. This is also not an event that would suit babies and small children.

Registration Form

Book Sorting

Anyone who would like to help sort, label, and categorise some new library books would be very welcome. Contact Mr. Green for more information.

Mid-Year Reports and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder that Mid-Year Reports will be published at the end of Week 6 and Parent-Teacher Teacher Conferences will be organised in Week 7

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