HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 11

Spring Picnic Postponed

Unfortunately, we will have to postpone this event.
Nobody likes to picnic in the rain!
We will announce a new date soon.

School Consultative Group Meeting

A School Consultative Group meeting will be held on Thursday 28th March at 5.30pm. These meeting are a chance for any parent interested in the school’s future plans and progress to share their opinions. An agenda for the meeting is fixed in advance, and anyone with items they wish to discuss is asked to contact the principal before the meeting.

On the agenda for this meeting:

  • Feedback on the renovation and relocation process
  • Staffing for next year
  • School Development Plans
  • School Fees for next year

HFS Community Nature Garden

Our garden has its own Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can follow our progress. This week, we have captured some amazing images of animals feeding.

No after-school activities next week

Please remember that there are no after-school activities next week (Week 12) as this is the last week of the term.

Please make note of the Bus Schedule for no-club weeks

After-school activities in Term 3

A list of after-school activities for term 3 and a sign-up form will be published on Monday 25th March. Students will have one week to sign-up. We have some exciting new activities starting!

Fire Drill

On Wednesday this week, we held a successful fire drill in collaboration with the local fire department. The students practiced evacuating the building in an orderly manner and were then shown how to properly operate fire extinguishers. We also got the chance to tour a fire engine and spray the hose!

PE Kit

Last week we posted a reminder about the importance of students wearing appropriate PE kit. We noticed a great improvement in the students attire this week. Thank you! Please remember that PE for all classes is on Tuesdays and Fridays.

International Food Share

The International Day Food Share is this Friday!

If you are preparing food for this event, please consider:

  • The Maker Space and Lobby area will be available all day on Friday for set-up and food preparation
  • All food needs to be labeled to show if it contains nuts, eggs, meat or spice
  • Think about how the students will physically eat the food. It is a good idea to prepare toothpicks or small plastic forks for tasting
  • Think about portions. There is a lot of food to try so each portion only needs to be bite-sized
  • Think about cutlery and serving utensils. We have a little supply at school, so it is better to bring your own.
  • For more help and advice, please contact the PTA

HD Ulsan FC Match Ball Delivery

HD Ulsan FC has invited a student from HFS to deliver the match ball to the referee at the start of a game. The game will be on Saturday 13th April (Ulsan vs Gangwon) at 4.30pm at Ulsan Munsu Stadium.

If you would like to have a chance to be involved, please fill out this form. We will select a student at random. We also think this opportunity is best suited to a student who regularly attends games. Parents would need to buy tickets for the game for the family attending. The student would also need to be a member of the HD Ulsan Little Fireinds program, or pay 100,000won to join and receive a kit. Club staff will help the student deliver the ball and get back to their seat. For further information, please contact the Admin Office.

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