HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 10

Last Week of Term

Welcome to the last week of term and the school year!


Students who order yearbooks should receive their order sometime this week, in time for signing by their friends. If you missed the chance to order a yearbook, additional copies may be available from the Admin Office.

No Clubs in the last week

Please note that there are no after-school activities in the last week of the term.

The bus schedule will be different and can be viewed here.

Staffing for 2023/24

All staff appointments for 2023/24 have now been confirmed and can be announced:

  • Mr Morgan will be leaving HFS at the end of this year. Mr. Morgan and his family are moving to Jeju to explore exciting new opportunities. Everyone at HFS wishes Mr. Morgan and his family all the best for the future and thanks him for his great work during his time with the school.
  • Mrs. Sim will be returning to HFS from leave. We are very happy to have her back with us!
  • Ms Temple will join the teaching staff at HFS on a full-time basis. We are very happy to have her!
  • Ms Tanisha will be working on a full-time basis as an EAL teacher and teaching assistant. This will allow us to increase the level of EAL support and in class support for all students.
  • All other staff will be returning in 2024/25

Class Teachers for 2023/24

  • FS1/2 – Ms McClellan
  • Year 1/2 – Mrs Sim
  • Year 3/4 – Mr Dunn
  • Year 5/6 – Ms Temple
  • Year 789 – Mrs Leah

Year 789 will be supported by Mr. Green teaching maths to years 8 and 9 and Ms Tanisha in English lessons.

End-of-year trips

End of year trips are happening this week.

  • Ms McClellan’s Class – Tuesday – Amazing Park
  • All other classes – Thursday – Gyeongju World

There is a possibility of rain on Thursday, and we will keep an eye on the forecast. It is mostly likely that the trip will go ahead as planned.

2023/24 School Fees

The school fees and payment calendar for 2023/24 are now available on the school website

School Consultative Group

A School Consultative Group meeting was held on Wednesday 12th June. Minutes of the meeting are available here.

The parents are represented at these meetings by two parents, elected from the school community. If you wish to contact these representatives, their contact details are available from the Admin Office.

Parents Representatives:

  • Mr JK Lee – Yerang and Sarang’s father
  • Mr SY Lee – Sarah’s father

The next meeting of this group is scheduled for Wednesday 23rd October.

PTA Potluck and BBQ

It was great to see so many people enjoying the PTA Potluck and BBQ last Friday. A big thank you to the PTA and everyone who helped to create a great event. Hopefully we can do this more in the future!

Open Day

Do you know anyone who is interested in joining HFS?

Invite them to our open day this week!

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