Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T2W4

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

It has been a short week with a lot of unfortunate absences due to the flu. However, students who have been here have still been busy learning.

In Maths, we have started delving into the world of statistics and data. This is always an interesting, hands-on topic, as students investigate the answers to their burning questions, and correlate the data to display. We found answers to ‘How most right-handed people clasp their hands’, ”Are people taller than their arm span’, and to the Upper School’s favorite football team (Hyundai, obviously!)

In English, we started tying together all that we have learned about imagery and figurative language by creating our own poetry. It has been a week of planning, drafting, and editing. The poems have really taken shape, and I look forward to sharing them with you next week.

In IPC, students picked up the composer’s baton as we explored the effect music has on mood, and how we can evoke different emotions through the medium of music. Students experimented and created short compositions specifically designed to make us feel a certain way.

That’s all for Week 5. Due to the large number of absences, I have not assigned homework this week. For students who want to do something, I suggest practicing spelling and grammar on Sum Dog. Otherwise, please recover, rest, and enjoy the Lunar New Year.

See you next week in the Year of the Dragon!

Mr Morgan

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