Term 2, Week 12

Happy Spring Break! I hope everyone has a fantastic two weeks to rest and recuperate for term 3.

We said goodbye to term 2 with International Day, and what an amazing turn out and spread provided by HFS parents and family! We were all so impressed and thankful for the care and love put into food preparation, the poster boards, decorating, and traditional dress! Thank you so much for making such a magical day possible 🙂

Over the week we did a lot of wrapping up; in math we finished our units and took the assessment Monday. So far White Rose maths is showing itself to be a good curriculum! It seems most students appreciate the step-by-step break down of the material and the gamified accompanying math through Sum Dog. On Friday we did some Kahoot review of maths and everyone always has fun doing that!

In Science students completed their final independent lab reports. Using the guided class lab report as a model, students created their own questions, used the data from our previous experiment, made a hypothesis, and worked through all the steps of conducting a scientific experiment including identifying the variables, writing step by step procedural instructions, conducting the experiment and recording the data, and interpreting their results. It was a lot of fun!

This week we also took a look at the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development goals. These proposed goals are referenced quite frequently in educational content, including the IMYC curriculum. These goals address various aspects of the global condition and propose suggestions to improve the living conditions of the world from environmental to economic domaines. While they use simplified graphics to denote their principal aim, the goals themselves are presented in a rather convoluted and confusing matter. Students were assigned a goal or two and takes with deep diving the UN site, as well as the web, to identify the key issues the goal was created to address and ideas on how average people can positively contribute to this goal in their day to day lives. Finally, each student created a slide for their goal to present their findings. The idea is that students will be more informed and aware of what these sustainable development goals are and what they address as they will encounter them often in their academic careers.

There is no homework these next two weeks, however the school is having a read-a-thon to raise money for the Ulsan orphanage. Students may collect pledges of any amount, read the assigned books (or as my students were told, write the title, author, and number of pages on the back of the form and have a parent sign off on it!), then collect the pledges for the charity event. Please see the HFS Newsletter for more information. (Students were also sent home with the pledge form and book list last week.)

Have a wonderful break and see you in term 3!

Mrs. Leah

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