Ms. M’s Class Update Week 11

Another week in the books and we’re definitely on the homeward stretch! We had some special events and some great learning happening this week.

Not only did we have our excellent field trip to the Toy Library, we also had a very important fire drill and got to tour around the fire truck!

Phonics continued as expected with some students learning letter sounds, others beginning to blend words, some reading short passages, and others reading longer passages. Everyone is practicing reading right at their own level and it’s great to see.

In Maths we started looking at 9 and 10. We counted our fingers and toes (we have 10 of each). We did sorting activities of 9 and not-9. We used buttons on a 10 frame to count groups within 10. We went on a photo walk around the school grounds looking for 9s and 10s. And we began making a counting book that will go in our classroom library.

In IEYC we looked at the simple fun balloons and bubbles and bring us. We brought in toys from home and enjoyed them out on the patio. We played some old fashioned games such as “Pinching Pennies” where we had to flick a coin as close to the wall as we could get without touching it. And “Kick the Can” a tag game where those who had been tagged out could come back in if the can (we used a cone) was kicked. We also used a colour spinner to find different items in the classroom of that colour and then made “penny spinners” of our own (although we used 10 won coins).

As some of you know, I am away on urgent personal business in Week 12. Mr. Green is taking good care of the class in my absence and I will return on Thursday.

I hope you had a great weekend and have an excellent last week of term!

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