Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T1W10

Happy Friday again everyone!

After having last week off, everyone came back to school refreshed and jumped straight back into learning without missing a beat!

We have accomplished a lot this week.

In Maths, we delved into 3D shapes. Students investigated the properties of 3D shapes. They practiced making nets and learned how to calculate the surface area of cubes and cuboids.

In English, we finished up our unit on Timeless tales, culminating with students creating their own myths to explain common phenomenons. I was impressed by their imagination and creativity in answering age-old questions such as; ‘Why do zebras have stripes?’ or ‘Why do wolves howl at the Moon?’ It was a valuable process of planning, drafting, and redrafting to create a finished product.

In IPC, we spent the week finishing up our IPC unit on Being Human. Students created videos explaining the digestive system and then looked at their weekly diet, investigating the nutrients in the foods that they consumed, and how they helped each system in their bodies. To finish up the week, students created quizzes to test each other’s knowledge.

It was another great week of learning. I am looking forward to starting our new English unit on persuasive writing, and our new IPC unit about tourism next week.

Reminder: Next week, on Tuesday 14th November, we will go to the Grand Park on our first trip of the year. The forecast is looking great, but students should still remember to bring some warm clothes, wear school uniform, and bring a packed lunch (along with a small amount of money for drinks, etc if needed).

Have a fun weekend, and see you next week.

Mr Morgan.

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