Mr Morgan’s Class Update – T2W11

Happy Friday everyone!

As Term 2 nears its end, we have a fun-filled week of learning and finishing projects, culminating with our class trip to Kyeongju. This week…….

In Maths, we have dived into the practical, hands-on mathematics of measurement, investigating and calculating the area and perimeter of shapes. Students have worked on the practical elements of measuring and understanding the formulas needed to work out the perimeter and area of 2D shapes, from rectangles to triangles, to hexagons.

In English, we have walked in the shoes of Shakespeare. Students storyboarded and wrote a script for a scene of the Twelfth Night. They planned an act based on what happened to Sebastian after his ship sank. Students created the script using the correct features and a sprinkling of Shakespearean language. At the end of the week, they had an opportunity to act out each other’s plays.

In IPC, we finished up our video projects detailing world-changing inventions. Students displayed a great deal of creativity in producing videos explaining the problems before the invention, the inventor, a timeline of improvements, and predicting the future. On Thursday, we looked at the ancient Silla civilization in preparation for our trip and used our research as a basis for designing kites for our trip.

And finally, today we went on our trip exploring Kyeongju, (the museum without walls!). We went inside a Silla King’s tomb, flew kites beside the ancient celestial observatory of Cheomseongdae, picnicked next to an active archaeological dig, and visited the Kyeonju National Museum. It was a packed day, with perfect kite-flying weather. I was extremely proud of how well-behaved and respectful all students were. It was a fun day out.

That’s all for this week. I will leave you with a few extra photos from the week. Have a great weekend,

Mr Morgan

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