Mr Morgan’s Class Update T3W1

Happy Friday everyone,

This week has absolutely flown by, in a flurry of new activities and learning. We have got off to a great start and I am excited for this new term. Term 3 is looking to be packed with lots to look forward to. Here is a quick rundown of everything we have done in this first week.

In Maths, we started by looking at coordinates and translation. Students have been practicing coordinates in the first and all four quadrants. They have learned how shapes translate, and how to describe translations. There have also been opportunities to put this knowledge to good use through games and puzzles, and to physically practice moving through grids.

In English, we have started our new unit ‘Make It Happen’ which focuses on different types of writing and communication. This week we delved into an article on ‘Plastic Pollution’ exploring the features of a magazine article, and the various styles of writing involved. We worked on reading, paying attention to the effect punctuation has on tone and intonation, and the importance of clarity when writing instructions. We used written instructions to make an origami boat, first with poor instructions, and then with clearer ones, to highlight the importance. I think you can tell by the photos which instruction set they were using!

In IPC, we started our new unit “Investigators”. This is a science-based unit, focusing on the importance of critical thinking and fair testing. This week we had a bit of a shock to find that two beloved statues had been stolen from our classroom and that the conscienceless thief had left behind a note and an unidentified warm black substance! Students have had to become trainee forensic scientists to learn the skills necessary to unravel the evidence and find the culprit. We jumped straight into the training, with the students designing an experiment to find the best insulator to keep ice cold. The emphasis was more on designing a fair test, and reflection, more than the outcome. It was an eye-opening experiment as to all the different variables that need to be considered to carry out an effective, fair experiment.

Upcoming Events: There are a lot of activities on the horizon for Term 3. In week 2 we have ‘World Book Day’ on Tuesday 23rd April. This is an opportunity for students to dress up as their favourite book character for the day. This is not compulsory but it should be a lot of fun. Students should also bring their Read-a-Thon sponsor forms, records, and sponsorship money on this day.

On Friday 26th April, we are being treated to a live concert in the hall for charity by HHI’s KFCC. Students do not need to prepare anything for this, but will be a good opportunity for a sing and a dance!

That is all for week 1. Have a great weekend, and I will see you in week 2!

Mr Morgan

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