Week 11, Term 1

We finished off this week with a bang with our awesome fieldtrip to Gimhae Gaya Historic Park! It was chilly, but everyone had so much fun. It was great to see students use their physical and mental strength to climb and soar high above the ground; I witnessed some amazing teamwork, responsibility, and confidence – excellent day everyone!

Back in the class room this week, students continued to work with decimal numbers. We ordered the, multiplied them, and divided them in both equation and word problem form. It great to revisit concepts like place value, multiplying with units of ten, and long division; there was a lot of benefit refreshing this information in our hippocampus’ and/or learning to work with decimal numbers for the first time.

In English we looked at verbals; verbs that act like nouns and adjectives. We are also working through The Odyssey at a good pace. Students were able to compare two translations of the text and see how different translators may word stories and if it affects their readability or meaning. This weekend student are tasked to read one chapter and make annotations with highlights and write a one paragraph summary. This should be done by Monday so we can discuss!

In Design, technology, and Innovation students are exploring the world of textiles, specifically the different types of fibers and most common fabrics used in clothing. We did a Web Quest to explore different fabric types, took a look at all the different materials our own clothes were made out of, and reviewed the characteristics and benefits of different fabrics.

To compliment our novel, in History students are taking guided notes on the unique features of Greek geography and the complex but fascinating religion, and the many achievements in the arts, math, science, and history of the era. We had a brief overview of the Olympians of lore and three very real and influential philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

We continued to have a lot of fun in ICT creating a Game Design Document to outline their games. Students mapped out their own game ideas including the genera, setting, characters, game objective and challenges, and resolution. Then, each student reviewed and gave feed back on each design to help one another improve game ideas. Next week we will look at different free platforms to develop these games into reality.

This week in Science class we looked at the differences between compounds and mixtures, as well as the periodic table. We identified different element groups and how they are organized on the table. We also looked at the properties of metals, non-metals, and metalloids to discern if an element was a metal or not. We did a lot of partner work to sort, describe, and justify images and elements based on their properties.

We only had PE on Tuesday due to our trip, and we were all by our lonesome as Mr. Morgan’s class was away on their trip, so we played volley ball!

Home work instructions (sent home with students!):

Homework Week 11 – 


  1. Finish reading Book 4 of the Odyssey.

Annotate the PDF text using different coloured highlighters/markers, coloured pencils.etc. You may write all over this PDF – just keep it readable! 

  • Yellow: unfamiliar vocabulary words 
  • words you don’t know and that you can’t figure out from context
  • Pink: Main idea of the paragraph/page/section 
  • the most important part of the text that helps you understand what is happening 
  • Orange: key words and phrases that indicate the setting 
  • (time and place)
  • Blue: Key words and phrases that describe a character 
  • (appearance, clothing, attitude/personality) 
  • Green: mark questions or areas of confusion
  • If you have questions about what is happening or why it is happening (ie why would Telemachus choose to do that?) 
  • Summarise what happened in your own words on the last page. This should be 1 paragraph long (6-7) sentences. 
  • Pose any questions you have about what happened. 

Due by FRIDAY NOV 24th

3 maths worksheets – 

  1. Ordering Decimals
  2. Multiplying Decimals
  3. Dividing Decimals

Year 8/9 – Please show your work and write your answers on a separate piece of paper as the worksheet does not provide much space to work. 


Have a wonderful weekend, rest up, and see you Monday!

Mrs. Leah

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