Week 12, Term 1

It started out cold and end cold this week! I encourage students to go outside at least one break period a day for fresh air and sunshine; make sure to bring sweaters, jackets, hats as needed to stay warm.

This week we continued to work with decimals and took a look at percentages and fractions. We did a Kahoot review on Thursday (always a class favorite!) and our unit test was Friday. Everyone worked very hard! Our next unit starting Monday will be on fractions.

In English we carried on with reading the Odyssey. We tried to do paired-independent reading, but too may students used their time to gossip and play rather than read and answer comprehension questions. This set us behind a bit, so there is reading homework again. On Friday we recapped books I – VI in the for of comic strips. Some did not finished so that was sent home to be returned Monday completed as well.

For History we looked at the political history of ancient Greece following the path of government systems to democracy. We briefly looked what it meant to be a citizen in Athens and how Athenian democracy compares to democracy today. On Wednesday students were tasked to research a Greek City-State to give us some background on the different cultures of each city and their role in the Peloponnesian War. Students are responsible for continuing their research this weekend as homework. They are partnered and can each log into their share documents and work together at an arranged time. Time management is a skill we continue to work on in order to utilize our class time effectively.

In Science we looked at the parts of atoms and build molecule models of various elements and compounds. Using both real life model kits and digital modeling, students explored how elements bonded to create different substances.

Homework Week 12 – 


  1. Finish reading Book 7 and Book 8 of the Odyssey.

Annotate the PDF text using different coloured highlighters/markers, coloured pencils.etc. You may write all over this PDF – just keep it readable! 

  • Yellow: unfamiliar vocabulary words 
  • words you don’t know and that you can’t figure out from context
  • Pink: Main idea of the paragraph/page/section 
  • the most important part of the text that helps you understand what is happening 
  • Green: mark questions or areas of confusion
  • If you have questions about what is happening or why it is happening (ie why would Telemachus choose to do that?) 
  • Summarise what happened in your own words on the last page of each book. (You will have 2 summaries, one for book 7, one for book 8!) 
  • This should be 1 paragraph long (6-7) sentences. 
  • Pose any questions you have about what happened. 
  1. Finish Your Greek City-State Research Questions with your partner. 

You will only have about 15 minutes to finish up in class. I recommend you collaborate and finish it over the weekend. 

That’s it! No maths this weekend as we did our unit test on Friday 🙂

Have a great weekend and see you Monday! 

Mrs. Leah

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